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Praca.Work is an online platform where companies can find QUALIFIED & AVAILABLE Romanian employees and self-employed persons for temporary work in the healthcare, logistics, retail, construction and other sectors.

Polish temporary workers

Praca.Work has built up expertise in finding Polish employees in the aforementioned sectors quickly and efficiently. We guarantee that your company can find sufficient and qualified temporary employees on our platform, with which you can reliably fill the demand for (temporary) (professional) employees within your company.

Self-employed Polish workers

On the Praca.Work platform you can easily find the desired Polish independent professional (s), without having to hire an intermediary or outsource your search for Polish self-employed persons to Poland itself:

  • That is more efficient and also cheaper
  • No brokerage costs of 5 euros to even 25 euros per hour in this way
  • No more uncertainty - see the work history, CV, qualifications and even video interviews of all candidates before you hire.

So quickly create a Praca.Work company profile.

How does it work?

  • You can create a Praca.Work company profile quickly and easily here.
  • You have a handy Praca Dashboard at your disposal.
  • Praca.Work matches you with the self-employed, temporary and permanent staff you want
  • You can also publish vacancies yourself on Praca.Work and distribute over 2,000 other portals with one click.
  • Praca.Work fully supports you, including with our 24/7 helpdesk.
  • Do you work with freelancers? Planning, digital timesheets, factoring and invoicing can be done via Praca.Work.
  • You pay a collective invoice within 90 days.
  • Praca.Work pays the freelancer within a week.
  • Privacy is fully guaranteed on the platform (GDPR)

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